Welcome to the FUTR

FUTR Labs provides the latest AI  workflows over an API,
powered by a distributed GPU network.

As easy as a curl request:

curl -X POST -d 'motion_bucket_id=14' \
            -d "seed=1234" \
            -d "image_url=https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/013/564/doge.jpg" \


What Is FUTR?

FUTR is a decentralized compute network, focused on easily bringing consumer hardware to the forefront to service AI tasks that it's well suited to complete.

While strong hardware is still needed for expensive and complex tasks like LLM training, a shockingly large amount of AI compute traffic is something that consumer cards can handle within reasonable SLAs.

We also believe that as AI advances continue, many AI tasks will get easier and more accessible, making our network even more attractive to those looking for reasonably prices and sourced AI compute power.

How do I get an API Key?

Contact us! We're on-boarding early partners! 

How much does it cost?

We price per job sent through our network. If you'd like exclusive access to an API we've created, or would like us to build a custom workflow for your exclusive access, we can set per job rates for those as well as help create your workflow.

What if I send more requests than you can handle?

We'll work with you to establish a "max wait" period before we start augmenting our home-based gpu network with more traditional cloud computing resources. Over time, as we grow, we'll need to augment our network less and less, saving costs for everyone involved.

Ready to create the FUTR?

Looking to receive jobs your GPU can do while you're not using it?